Pfizer at resistance

Pfizer facing resistance at 875 level

Bajaj Hindustan in Channel

Since I have a position in this I am monitoring it.

It seems that Bajaj hindustan is forming a good channel. If it bounces from 180 Level it is a good buy with SL of about 175.

RNRL heading to 27 . . .

RNRL can be seen heading to 27 level.

While also from the next chart it can be made out that there is good volume support at 22 level.

Followup on Nifty

Things seems to have got cleared and the trend-line is proving true for time being.

Fib level in M&M

Thanks to Linux, after long time I can now see my icicidirect's technical charts.

Well in this chart you can find the fibbonacci levels for the Mahindra and Mahindra. It has taken support at 690 level and again taken resistance at 810 level.

As there is already good buying support from 690 I feel it to act as good support and one can take long position with SL of 690.

Mahindra & Mahindra double bottom in making

Here I feel there is making of double bottom.
700 level should act as a good support for M&M.

This is reversal sign hence stock should now move
up if it sustain above 700 Level.

Also On Balance Volume is improving showing some
buying interest in this stock at 700 Level.

Nifty nr possible trendline

3650 Level for nifty might work out as a good support. The scenario would be clear only after tomorrow's trade.