Nifty 3800 Bottom

As shown earlier nifty was expected to go up to 3800.
This level is very important and close below 3800 levels
would be very bearish signal.

Nifty - Up or Down . . ?

The confusing Friday.
Today's tick on the Candle stick chart look as if we have got the higher bottom on Nifty.

But on the line chart the scene is not the same. Here it is clear that we have a lower bottom on Nifty.
3800 on Nifty can be expected next week

NTPC resistance Intact

Check the chart and earlier post on the same counter.
It is very evident that the resistance line is getting
stronger and stronger.
While things are turning bullish once this counter crosses the 190~195 levels
and closes above this resistance line bullish position can be taken.