Reversal In TVS Motors

TVS motors have shown the reversal pattern and there is a break above the neck line of Inverted Head & Shoulder. There is a volume support. One can buy it with the Target of 52 and Stop Loss of 35.

Buying Interest in L&T

On long term chart L&T have broken the down trend. There is lack of volume support to prove the breakout.This means that this stock will not start a bull rally right away but a sideway movement for a while. It will be back from 1600 levels.

However on the mid term chart one can see that OBV is making new highs while the stock was moving sideways. This means that the fall in August 12 was not with bear  participation this makes 1300 a very significant support. This means with all falls this stock is being bought for longer term by various investors.

1600 is the 50% fib level for the fall from 2200 to 970.


Why I give away my tips for free ?

As I always say “Do not go by tips” hence the question arises why I give away tips for free. . . .

Here are the reasons :
1. This tips blog acts as my own diary of keeping notes which I can refer when I have time.
2. I EARN out of my tips as I invest based on my own tips. Since I can make money using my tips why should I charge for such tips from which I already make money ?
3. If I sell these tips I need to be more commited and serious. I am not a professional Technical Analyst and do this chart analysis and TA as more of a hobby. So you will find me active on few days while no message from me on other days when I am busy with other things.
Last but not least . . . .
4. I make good friends by posting these charts. They help me spot stocks. These friends of mine ask me to check perticular stocks which interest them. While evaluating them I find them making good move and I make money. Infact most of the stocks which I made good money were such queries. . . Titan, SEAMEC, Simplex Infra . . . . are some of them.

I post these tips for my records while you can use them along with your own risk management plan . . .

Where do I start in this market ?

This volatility and lot of success stories in stock market always brings new small investors at a wrong time in the market. I came the same way.
Here is good suggestion BUY good books on investment and read lot of online material available learn basic. Also charts with explanation posted on this groups are also very good learning tools.

Learn to invest in stock market and then enter the market. Make an informed investment decision. Why do you invest in a particular stock should be very clear to you, don’t go by tips but ask for reason why someone is giving such tips.
Also keep this in mind:


Hence loss made in stock market is the BEST INVESTMENT you can ever make as it can teach you something which no-one will be able to teach you. Then its up to you to learn that lesson and persist on investing in the stock market.
There are cases of people staying away from stock market as they made loss the first time.

You need to invest lot of time in this market to really get ready and make a killing and keep doing it.

Since last 1998 I am in this market and 2008 I did not make more than 15% of my investment in Stocks. I am just happy that I did not make any loss in a fall for first time in these 12yrs. This is very small example of persistence. Mr Jhunjhunwala (The big bull of this run-up) is in this market since sensex was in 3 digits.

May luck bless you with good learning losses (lessons) in your first investments and May god give you intellect and strength to learn them.

So start small so that you make small losses which you would absorb without getting desperate.

Dabur Trending

There is trend in Dabur it has now moved above 2yrs high. One can buy with target of 150. With stop loss of 119.