Rallis uptrend

Rallies is in uptrend. One can buy with stop of 155 and target of 195.

Nifty updates

Now the target of 6500 & 6650 can be achieved. SL of 6100 can be maintained,

Britannia Strong up trend.

Its going strong. Buy above 925 with SL 800.

Bata India reaction completed

After breakout above 1000 Bata has now reacted and given buying opportunity with SL of 1000. Inverted black hammer is confirmed since it traded above yesterday's candle

Reaction in Nifty can end with this Doji

After breaking out above 6350 today we see doji.

If Nifty trades in positive tomorrow we can see it making new lifetime high.

Resistance cleared with gap

As discussed earlier Nifty  had a resistance at 6350 which it cleared today with gap and on intraday Nifty took support at 6350. This now makes bullish breakout. This gives wave 3 target of 10k

Nifty might see some weakness due to Doji

Near earlier high of 6210 we have a doji seen. This can cause small correction if Nifty trades below 6200.