BHEL 1575 SL (followup)

Check the chart here there is good indication of resistance becoming support. New stop loss of 1575 can be established.

This is follow up on the earlier blog on the infrastructure

Bullish on infrasturcutre

BHEL & L&T have shown good breakout of the roof of
the down trend,

Both have good gains in long run due to N-Deal.

NTPC Hits the roof

Nr 200 level NTPC will face good resistance
Enter only once it breaks 200.

Punj-Llyod 350 target

Things have changed after Dr Singh's gov is saved.
Many stocks are showing good bullish signals and Infrastructure
companies can make good business.

Punj Lloyd's chart is showing breakout and seems to hit 350 in hurry.

230 can be your first SL while 190 can be stop loss for long term holding

Reliance & L&T supported @ long term trendline

Reliance @ 2000 level while L&T @ 2100 level have taken support
on the long term trendline.

One can go long on these considering the stop loss as close below the
trendlines as shown here