RPL at channel support

While the friday crack was heavy RPL seems to have landed right at the trendline support in the bottom of the channel. As can be seen that RPL has fallen with good amout of volume (which is a bad news). Its wait and watch for this counter. In case it does not break the support 109~110 level one can take a long position with minimum risk.


As stated by me earlier on this counter it is bullish and is in channel.

SAIL have shown breakout today from the Pennent. Target of
175 can be placed on this counter based on this breakout which
would also coinside with the top of the channel which was being

As I stated in the reasons why I give these tips for free, I received this
stock idea from one of the visitor so having e-friends helps.
Thanks to Mr Chandrasekhar for this stock idea.

Hotel Leela at a long term trend line . . .

As pointed out in earlier post Hotel leela have good support but did not break on the upside but now it is at a very good level wherein it is at the long term trend line. If it takes support from this level one can easily consider target of 55 with SL of close below 50. And in case of breakout above 55 it would be a good bonus. While enter this stock only after it starts its up move from here which migth be in a day or two.

No points for gussing losses if you are not serious with your stoploss as indicated earlier by me.

SAIL channel

One of the visitor of blog have pointed out the there is pannent in the SAIL and I looked at it. While He had spoted it well and there is also breakout on the up side but the volume at the breakout is not very convinsing and movement would be sideward to upward.

While I would like to highlight the Channel in this stock. Till the time the channel is not broken on the lower side one can stay bullish on this stock.

IDEA celular in uptrend

IDEA has seen good buying support and there is a good trendline support in it. Currently it was forming the triangle with the resistance line as shown below. The resistance has been broken with good volume support as indicated in the following chart.

I am bullish on this counter and it has upside of about 10~15 Rs. In all cases the bottom trendline is very good to monitor.

Punj In Channel

Looking at the chart it seems that after breakout Punj Lloyd seems to be in the rising channel. SL can be now arround 265 Level.

265 level is arrived by considering that the stock closes below the bottom of the channel. Those thinking to go long on this counter can wait for it to bounce from the 265 levels.