TCS Breakout

TCS showing the strength by breaking above 1400 with good volume support.
 One can buy on dips with SL of 1300.

TVS motors at bottom of channel

TVS motors is reversing from the bottom of the channel.

One can buy with stop loss of 38 with target of 52.

Trailing Stop Loss

There were few queries on what is Trailing Stop Loss? Trailing stop-loss is a stop-loss maintained by a trader which can be changed upwards.

I have plotted a typical Trailing stop-loss on the Reliance Chart .

 Once the stock is bought the stoploss is activated and is changed only upward as the stock goes up. The moment the price of stock crosses stoploss the stock is sold.

So Trailing StopLoss not just protect the trader from making big losses but also locks the profits. One can use various calculations to arrive at the technical support for the stock and change the stoploss just below the support lever.

MCX bottoming out

MCX is one stock that one can keep for much longer time. After recent run up. MCX was consolidating/correcting for a while. This correction seems to have ended. One can now turn bullish and buy MCX on dips with stoploss of 1350 on closing basis.

Trend line in NIFTY

There is mid term trend line in Nifty. It is since June 2012. Nifty can take support on this trend line at 5900 level. If this level is broken then correction up to 5400 can be expected.