Movement in IOCL

IOCL have started moving up and there is good trend indication
of channel formation in this counter.

Can be bought with stoploss bellow the bottom of channel. (currently 325)

Reaction turning support in Fed Bank

There is good bullish indication in Fed bank. Resistance have
turned out to be resistance and there is good volume during up
Can be bought with stop loss of 300.

Ballarpur reaction complete

As posted earlier Ballarpur had moved dramatically after breakout.
After the up-move it reacted with low volume (good sign). Now there
are signals of completion of the said reaction.

One can buy with stoploss of 29.5

ABG Shipyard at bottom of channel.

Poised at the bottom of the channel is giving
good risk to return ratio.

Buy with stoploss of 239.

Reliance has trendline support

Reliance had taken support at the long term trendline on the good news from court's decision.
As noted earlier 1150 is still the roof which needs to be broken.

This makes Reliance a gr8 trading candidate with the stoploss of 960 and target of 1150.