Maruti breaking the downtrend

As opposed to RNRL Maruti have dogged the falling trend. As can
be seen from the chart Maruti have broken the roof of the
falling trendline. This is done with more than avg volume hence
one can say that the down trend is over in this counter.

Merk showing bullish trend

One can see that Merk is trading above its long term resistance and have
done this with convincing volume. One buy with stop loss at 700 level

RNRL at the resistance

At current level of 70 RNRL is at the long term resistance. We can
become bullish only if it breaks this resistnace line.

L&T breakout

As said earlier most of the heavyweights are trading bellow
their long term resistance. However you can see from the
chart that L&T have broken above 1750.

This makes 1900 and 2100 as next traget.