Nifty at near the roof of the channel

As posted in my last views on Nifty there is a channel in nifty on the yearly chart. So projecting the same channel you can have the 5550~5650 level acting as the resistance to the Nifty.

TATA Steel reversal

There is inverted head and shoulder pattern identified in TATA Steel.
With this pattern target of 570 can be projected.

Rajesh Exports reversing . .

Rajesh exports is showing sign of reversal.
with the inverted head and shoulder seen
in this counter.

Reaction in May was with very low volume.

IOCL reacted and buying opportunity

As identified earlier there was an up trend
in IOCL. After some amount of heat this counter
have reacted with low volume. This shows on
On Balance Volume (OBV).

IOC and can be bought with stop loss of 355 level.

United spirit reaction complete

As suggested earlier in April this stock went into down trend
now currently it has completed this reaction.

If this stock can break and close above the current resistance of 1325 level
it can move up to 1500 level in next 2 months.