Praj giving bearish signal

Praj has broken the channel bottom with good volume I consider this as a bearish signal. It would move down for short term.

Punj Lloyd waiting to make new highs . .

After breaking out with good volumes Punj Lloyd was consolidating at the earlier high of 250. It is most likely to break the old high of 250. Today it is already trading above 250 with heavy volume.

Today if it closes above 250 it is most likely to reach new high on re-rating.

StopLoss of 233~235 to be maintained here.

RNRL resistance 2 support . .

While this is a line chart which I usually do not use but my experience with the Moser Baer's case study proved that they are as important hence I also keep my eye on the line charts.

Here it is clear that resistance is becoming support.

By this assumption one can keep SL of 32 for RNRL. While on the whole the script have got good momentum.