Bullish Harami in Nifty

This is my second try at the Candle stick pattern. There is bullish harami in Nifty.

This means that if Nifty trades above 5610 than one can expect break in the down trend and Nifty can move side or up for next 4~5 days.

MCX bottoming out

I have been keen on having MCX in my portfolio for long run (3~5yrs) and was waiting for the stock to find bottom.

Currently one can see that the down trend is arrested and it is making higher bottom. This is sign that it will now move sideway or reverse. I am looking to accumulate it with SL of 800.

Candlestick reversal in SBI

This is first time I am trying my hands on candlestick pattern. Here I have identified the piercing line in the SBI chart.

Prediction from this pattern means if tomorrow SBI trades above 2070 the downtrend has ended and further movement will be sideways or up for next 1~2 weeks.