Bajaj Hindustan might reverse

It can be seen that there is buying interest in Bajaj Hindustan. Also there is Inverted Head and shoulder reversal pattern seen. I would advice people to buy this stock only after break of the falling trend line ie above 190~200 level.


Anonymous said...

You have a good work going on good analysis. Can u tell me about ICICIBANK wats the charts telling is it worth entering at current levels.


yndesai said...

icicibank is in downtrend for now. You need to wait if you want to enter in it.

Anonymous said...

Thanx for ur reply...can u suggest me some good long term picks in midcaps if you have any time period can be anything like 2 yrs

I have an entery in simplexinfra at 401 level and bought in some at this stock got all the hammering it required any veiw can I do averaging or something in this. As my outlook is for atleast 1 yrs time