Parsvanath Breakout . . . .

During the down trend all the stock makes the trendline joining the tops. This is the down trendline. I have found that Once this down trendline is broken with a good volume the stock rises and the bull phase begins.

This phenomena is seen in Parsvanath Developers. Yesterday's close above 324 have made is a good breakout case. Now for the traget we can assume 2 rising trendline from the tops. As below
We can then safely kkeep the target of 375 and 390 respectively.


KKP Investor said...

Can you please add a link to your site so that I can get an email notification when you have updated your site.

There is a way to do that, and I do not know how to get it directly into my Thunderbird through my service.

Please write to me on how to do this at

rupesh said...

this stock is still at thelower levels well sir can you please tell the the time duration for 390 levels