As stated by me earlier on this counter it is bullish and is in channel.

SAIL have shown breakout today from the Pennent. Target of
175 can be placed on this counter based on this breakout which
would also coinside with the top of the channel which was being

As I stated in the reasons why I give these tips for free, I received this
stock idea from one of the visitor so having e-friends helps.
Thanks to Mr Chandrasekhar for this stock idea.


chandra said...

Dear Yagnesh

Thanks for acknowledging my name

Now I am duty bound to give stop losses to the readers who may follow the advise

151.40 was found to be a strong support in recent days;; Based on that I feel 150 shud be the stop loss

Abhinav said...

I also agree with you Chandra. My recommendation is to BUY SAIL around 150-151 Strict SL 149 Tgt 155/158/164 in coming days