Nifty Takes support at 200 days Moving avg.

With today's opening gap it is clear that Nifty have found support. Its nr 200 days Moving avg. so the low of 17th of 4002 makes an important support now.

200 days EMA comes to 4040. The bearish indications given in the earlier post seems to have ended.

It is now indication that the traders have to now switch their caps from bears to bulls.


Bharat said...

How can I use your information to buy and sell shares and nifty and make money? Are you providing any paid services? Please let me know.

yndesai said...

My blogs are free and reason of the same is at reasons link.

You can always interact with me on this blog by putting comments. I am also planning to start a online forum site which will help us interact better. (For free of course)