L&T Breakout : Probable

Check the chart after consolidation L&T has shown a good bullish sign.

Break with a convincing volume can give the target of 4700~4800.
PS : My exposure to L&T is unavoidable as I have ESOPs given by L&T.


Murtaza Attari said...

Boss, January 2006 Sunday is the last post. Where have u disappeared? Your mails are bouncing too from ynd at lntenc dot com id?

Missing your tricks and the posts. Now is the time to cash in on the up movements agains, maybe for a limited time, but nevertheless.

Awaiting your reply at murtaza at webscrapers dot com.

Murtaza Attari said...

Oops, sorry not 2006 but 2008.

What bearishness does to the minds of the traders :) he he.

yndesai said...

I was on tour to USA and could not keep
up with posting charts. My stoplosses had hit so I had exited most of my positions.

Anyway Thanks for reminding. Will start
posting soon