Nifty making double bottom @2500

Good support have come again at the crutial level of 2500.

Its a double bottom in making. . . . (While the call is very early.)

If Nifty do not close bellow 2500 level one can take bullish postion with

SL of 2500.



good i want to know more about ur tips .i have nifty2600 500 put todays but i am in loss now .can i hold it or sell on monday opening.

ekamber said...

definitely sir it seems to be taking very good support at the level 2500, it is also correctly stated that the call is early, but it is early bird which has the prey, the only concerning factor is that the advance;decline ratio is not yet good, hopefull in the next 2 or 3 trading sessions it will also set right other wise we are back into the drags

yndesai said...

Nifty compraises only of 50 shares which needs to go up for nifty to go up.
Hence Advance decline ratio would not improve too much.