Why I give away my tips for free ?

As I always say “Do not go by tips” hence the question arises why I give away tips for free. . . .

Here are the reasons :
1. This tips blog acts as my own diary of keeping notes which I can refer when I have time.
2. I EARN out of my tips as I invest based on my own tips. Since I can make money using my tips why should I charge for such tips from which I already make money ?
3. If I sell these tips I need to be more commited and serious. I am not a professional Technical Analyst and do this chart analysis and TA as more of a hobby. So you will find me active on few days while no message from me on other days when I am busy with other things.
Last but not least . . . .
4. I make good friends by posting these charts. They help me spot stocks. These friends of mine ask me to check perticular stocks which interest them. While evaluating them I find them making good move and I make money. Infact most of the stocks which I made good money were such queries. . . Titan, SEAMEC, Simplex Infra . . . . are some of them.

I post these tips for my records while you can use them along with your own risk management plan . . .

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