Stop Loss ka Funda . .

I was surprised when I found out that my good friend
who is in Market since 98 is not clear about Stop Loss. I also got the message
from this blog reader that he had lost good amount in this down turn
While I am "all in Cash" this time also since my Stop loss was 3800 on nifty:
Hence I am reproducing what I sent to my friend, on what is stop loss:
Stop Loss is the "Funda"/"Policy" you need to implement
and not just order on
This is how it works:
StopLoss is the "Predecided" value at which the loss will be booked
if the price of share goes against your trade before creating the position.
ie If I buy Reliance at 1800 and keep stop loss at 1700 that means
I "Pre-Decide" that if the share price falls bellow 1700 it is not
going to rise hence sell reliance and book loss without averaging.
Now you can put such order in icicidirect but stoploss will continue
only for that day. While what this "Funda" means that you need to track
the prices and sell on the day Reliance price goes and closes bellow 1700.
While I use something called trailing stoploss. Here I keep moving
my stoploss upward (downward revision not allowed). So now assume
that Reliance share moved from 1800 to 1900 I move my StopLoss to 1800
and then if it moves to 2500 I move my StopLoss to 2400. Assume that
price now falls to 2380. I sell Reliance at 2380 <>

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Very few might have "LEARNED THE TRICK" alas !


ajith said...

Now you can put such order in icicidirect but stoploss will continue only for that day

Dear Yagnesh

How do u actually do in icicidirect?

yndesai said...

check my latest post on this

Ayesha Jaiswal said...

Stop loss or stop loss order is an advanced place order use by the trader. This order specifies that an investor wants to continue a trade if a specified price level is reached while trading. This slightly differs from other market order, in which the investor specifies that he wants to trade a given number of shares at the current market - clearing price.
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