The sure way to loss : Mutual Fund . . !

When every expert on this planet would saythat small investors are
better off when investing through Mutual Fund.
Can any one point out one mutual fund that
have not made enormous loss (more than 45%) in this falling
market. (Blame it on the market that everyone do).
This is not because we have fools managing thefund. BUT
This is because of the government's policy which ristrict mutual
funds to sell off their holding at will when the fund manager finds that
the market is going to crash.
While such restrictions are milder when itcomes to FII.
So this is a lose-lose situation when it comes to small inverstor who
thinks thatmutual funds are better and their money is safe in hands of
fund manager, While goodfund manager who picks good stock have
no right to sell and save "Small Investor" in such a crises.
What's your opinion. . . ?

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